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VCDX workshop notes

Below are the notes I have taken during the NJ/NY VCDX workshop at @iamAntonZ  ‘s place. We had a great opportunity to have 2 VCDX panelists giving the VCDX workshop, Niran Even-Chen ( @NiranEC) and Agustin Malanco (@agmalanco).  You could find more info on this at   These notes are by no means to be used or…

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Some useful UNIX shell commands for VMware admins

These are the esxi host log files one needs to be quite familiar with. These logs should be checked depending on the issue you facing, and trying to troubleshoot. /var/log/auth.log: ESXi Shell authentication success and failure. /var/log/lacp.log: Link Aggregation Control Protocol logs. /var/log/hostd.log: Host management service logs, including virtual machine and host Task and Events,…

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